Emmetts Story

Imagine you are on a simple vacation with your family

26 weeks pregnant with your first child  and not a care in the world,

Nursery is almost finished,

No hurry, you still have plenty of time, right?


Then the unthinkable—- a small pain— a twinge if you will, and immediately you know something isn’t right.  This baby, your baby,  that you have loved and protected since the day you knew he existed,  was in trouble.  You decide to  head to the hospital just to be safe.


Once at the hospital you realize it’s inevitable, baby Emmett is about to make his debut—    2 hours ago you were the typical happy healthy expectant mom,  and now you realize your whole life is about to change.   


Tiny Emmet made his way into this world on August 5th 2016, at 2:04 am, a mere 2 hours after Lisa arrived at the hospital.  At  2lbs 4 ounces and 14 ¼ inches ( 31 cm long)   His parents Jayson and Lisa  knew he was a fighter from the moment they met him    None of this was how they planned it,  not a single baby book could have prepared them for any of this!  The whirlwind of information,  Doctors, nurses, tubes, it was all nearly impossible to process.   All they knew is they had to do whatever it took to make sure their son received the best possible care.  Don’t get me wrong, the staff at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital were  amazing! They attended to every need this tiny little boy and his family had.  “Emmett has recovered through the  good care by a very skilled team . “   But it wasnt  home.   

As a matter of fact they were over 350 Miles from home!  So the next question became, how do we get our tiny baby back to where  all our family, our support system and  jobs are?    You would think that this is an easy one-   that your insurance would help.  That they would step up and cover to transport this little man safely home.  But not so, instead some stranger on the other end of a 1-800 number held this  baby’s life in their hands.  “Not medically necessary”   the 3 scariest words you can hear in a situation like this, but the pat answer most patients hear when insurance companies just don’t want to spend the money.     In Emmett’s case,    these people believed that putting this tiny baby in the back of an ambulance for 5+ hours was a good idea?     That is where Charity Air was able to step in.  The call came in on Monday August 29th,  by late Wednesday afternoon Emmett and his mama were back home in Pittsburg !