Caton Jones-

After a horrible car accident left Caton Jones with a traumatic brain injury his family thought the toughest battle would be the fight for a relatively normal life. On May 16th 2016, 4 months after his accident, that fight became a battle for survival. The C word- Histiocytic Sarcoma- Radiation and Surgery, a plan of attack… After 3 months of chemo, and no improvement,  Caton was transferred to MD Anderson  Houston for mor aggressive treatment.  This is where the next blow came… a mis-diagnosis. Osteosarcoma- had this been caught earlier and the tumor resected survival rate would have increased exponentially.    But now we were left to wait for the Tumor Team to decide if surgery and treatment were still possible.    How was this possible?   How was this young boy now in the ultimate fight for his life over 500 miles from home.    His family gathered around him and they waited for the words to come.    Inoperable…   nothing we can do…   how does any parent stand in the face of those words.    The only option was to take Caton home to spend what days he had left with friends and family.

Then the another hit-   insurance would not pay to transport Caton home.     Caton’s parents were shocked, how is this possible?   They began looking at options to bring their son home.   Ground transport was the only financially viable option at that time, but was 500 miles in the back of an ambulance the best option for their incredibly sick son?    That’s when Lisa found us,   we talked to her on 9/7 2016 and on 9/8 the flight was booked.

Caton is now at home in Arkansas surrounded by friends and family facing the most epic battle of his life — but we have no doubt he will continue to fight like the brave warrior he is.






3 thoughts on “Caton Jones-

  1. God bless you all for your care and generosity. We here in Hot Springs have been following this young man’s journey, and yall by far, have given this family a great gift!


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