Why We Do This

Imagine you are 1000 miles from home and the unthinkable happens..

You are injured-  no rhyme or reason behind it just some crazy dumb luck that lands you in the hospital.

Or you become deathly ill–  again no warning, no heads up just your whole life changes in a moment.


The facility is great, the care top-notch,  heck the food isn’t even that bad!  You begin to heal,  and start to wonder about the next steps…   You are in a strange city with no friends or family  and even if there is family with you they can only stay so long, everyone has a life back home… Home, where your kids are, your wife, your family?  How do you get back to them.  Shouldnt be that tough,    you pay $100’s of dollars for health insurance, that’s what they are there for right?   So you pick up the phone and at the other end of the 1-800 number you have someone who doesn’t know you, or your family , but simply says NO-   because they will say no-  “NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY” .   Come on the care you are getting at that hospital is just fine–why should they pay to move you?      No one takes into consideration what you need,   what your family needs to heal, it all seems to be about the bottom line.

That is where we come in.    Charity Air Ambulance is here to be your air ambulance ally.   Let us help you navigate this crazy mixed up world of insurance.    One thing we will always promise is that finances and or lack of insurance coverage will never keep us from helping a patient in need.


One thought on “Why We Do This

  1. You guys rock! I know Lisa (mom) through work and the family has been through so much from the beginning but have maintained strong faith the entire time. You guys were a true blessing at the right time – you do wonderful work.


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