Why We Do This

Imagine you are 1000 miles from home and the unthinkable happens..

You are injured-  no rhyme or reason behind it just some crazy dumb luck that lands you in the hospital.

Or you become deathly ill–  again no warning, no heads up just your whole life changes in a moment.


The facility is great, the care top-notch,  heck the food isn’t even that bad!  You begin to heal,  and start to wonder about the next steps…   You are in a strange city with no friends or family  and even if there is family with you they can only stay so long, everyone has a life back home… Home, where your kids are, your wife, your family?  How do you get back to them.  Shouldnt be that tough,    you pay $100’s of dollars for health insurance, that’s what they are there for right?   So you pick up the phone and at the other end of the 1-800 number you have someone who doesn’t know you, or your family , but simply says NO-   because they will say no-  “NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY” .   Come on the care you are getting at that hospital is just fine–why should they pay to move you?      No one takes into consideration what you need,   what your family needs to heal, it all seems to be about the bottom line.

That is where we come in.    Charity Air Ambulance is here to be your air ambulance ally.   Let us help you navigate this crazy mixed up world of insurance.    One thing we will always promise is that finances and or lack of insurance coverage will never keep us from helping a patient in need.


Caton Jones-

After a horrible car accident left Caton Jones with a traumatic brain injury his family thought the toughest battle would be the fight for a relatively normal life. On May 16th 2016, 4 months after his accident, that fight became a battle for survival. The C word- Histiocytic Sarcoma- Radiation and Surgery, a plan of attack… After 3 months of chemo, and no improvement,  Caton was transferred to MD Anderson  Houston for mor aggressive treatment.  This is where the next blow came… a mis-diagnosis. Osteosarcoma- had this been caught earlier and the tumor resected survival rate would have increased exponentially.    But now we were left to wait for the Tumor Team to decide if surgery and treatment were still possible.    How was this possible?   How was this young boy now in the ultimate fight for his life over 500 miles from home.    His family gathered around him and they waited for the words to come.    Inoperable…   nothing we can do…   how does any parent stand in the face of those words.    The only option was to take Caton home to spend what days he had left with friends and family.

Then the another hit-   insurance would not pay to transport Caton home.     Caton’s parents were shocked, how is this possible?   They began looking at options to bring their son home.   Ground transport was the only financially viable option at that time, but was 500 miles in the back of an ambulance the best option for their incredibly sick son?    That’s when Lisa found us,   we talked to her on 9/7 2016 and on 9/8 the flight was booked.

Caton is now at home in Arkansas surrounded by friends and family facing the most epic battle of his life — but we have no doubt he will continue to fight like the brave warrior he is.





Emmetts Story

Imagine you are on a simple vacation with your family

26 weeks pregnant with your first child  and not a care in the world,

Nursery is almost finished,

No hurry, you still have plenty of time, right?


Then the unthinkable—- a small pain— a twinge if you will, and immediately you know something isn’t right.  This baby, your baby,  that you have loved and protected since the day you knew he existed,  was in trouble.  You decide to  head to the hospital just to be safe.


Once at the hospital you realize it’s inevitable, baby Emmett is about to make his debut—    2 hours ago you were the typical happy healthy expectant mom,  and now you realize your whole life is about to change.   


Tiny Emmet made his way into this world on August 5th 2016, at 2:04 am, a mere 2 hours after Lisa arrived at the hospital.  At  2lbs 4 ounces and 14 ¼ inches ( 31 cm long)   His parents Jayson and Lisa  knew he was a fighter from the moment they met him    None of this was how they planned it,  not a single baby book could have prepared them for any of this!  The whirlwind of information,  Doctors, nurses, tubes, it was all nearly impossible to process.   All they knew is they had to do whatever it took to make sure their son received the best possible care.  Don’t get me wrong, the staff at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital were  amazing! They attended to every need this tiny little boy and his family had.  “Emmett has recovered through the  good care by a very skilled team . “   But it wasnt  home.   

As a matter of fact they were over 350 Miles from home!  So the next question became, how do we get our tiny baby back to where  all our family, our support system and  jobs are?    You would think that this is an easy one-   that your insurance would help.  That they would step up and cover to transport this little man safely home.  But not so, instead some stranger on the other end of a 1-800 number held this  baby’s life in their hands.  “Not medically necessary”   the 3 scariest words you can hear in a situation like this, but the pat answer most patients hear when insurance companies just don’t want to spend the money.     In Emmett’s case,    these people believed that putting this tiny baby in the back of an ambulance for 5+ hours was a good idea?     That is where Charity Air was able to step in.  The call came in on Monday August 29th,  by late Wednesday afternoon Emmett and his mama were back home in Pittsburg !


Charity Air Ambulance Lifts Spirits of Family in Need

emma trans

Chandler, Ariz. – Answering the cries of a Mother and Father in North Dakota, Charity Air Ambulance provides a medical flight home for one-month old, Emma Joy Tesla after insurance denies the transport. A common occurrence familiar to the company.

If you are not yet familiar with Charity Air Ambulance, you soon will be.  This is the second flight for the Chandler, Arizona company already creating “buzz” on social media for their first flight last week. Now, they are able to help get this less than two-pound miracle home to her family in Oklahoma

After completing the first pro-bono flight, on July 28th, Charity Air Ambulance is proud to announce this second flight with many more on the horizon. Tesla, who was born just over 30 days ago, extremely premature after her Mother developed HELLP syndrome. Emma Joy is currently on a ventilator suffering from respiratory failure and nutritional deficiencies. Insurance has denied to transport this fragile child in need of continued medical care.  That is when Emma’s Dad contacted Charity Air in hope of assistance. Charity Air saw the need and agreed to help the desperate family. The transport will occur on August 12th from Fargo, North Dakota where she was born through surrogacy, to the Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Emma Joy’s parents, Jenna and Chris Tesla felt blessed and overjoyed awaiting the arrival of their baby girl. The circumstances now being what they are, Jenna and Chris are faced with not only the emotional struggle of fighting for Emma Joy, but are feeling the financial struggle as well. While Jenna has been by Emma Joy’s side and will accompany her during the transport, Chris was only able to see his daughter for a short time .  He had to return to Oklahoma and is working around the clock to support his family and the new challenges they face.

“We are beyond grateful to Charity Air Ambulance for what they are doing for us,” said Jenna Tesla. “Never could we have imagined that a company would do something like this for us. This is the most special gift beyond our special baby girl that we have ever received.”


According to the World Health Organization, “Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age. Those babies who survive can face lifelong physical, neurological or learning disabilities, often at great cost to families.” “We hope that this flight relieves some of the stress and financial burden that the Tesla’s will face and that they can concentrate on their family, “says Genevieve Baltyn. “When insurance says no, Charity Air Ambulance hopes to say, “yes” and get people the care they need quickly.

Charity Air Ambulance is striving to make miracles happen every day. Their mission is simple:  Over the next few years, they hope efforts prove successful enough to become a self-sustaining organization with numerous opportunities and the ability to fund many medically necessary transports.  For more about Charity Air Ambulance and its efforts, visit CharityAirAmbulance.com.

Charity Air Ambulance Steps Up After Young Woman Suffers Serious Spinal Cord Injury

Chandler, Ariz. – When Eva Arapeles and her family arrived in Hawaii, they anticipated eight fun-filled days and that perhaps they’d leave with a nice tan and some great memories. Instead, they left without their daughter.


The California resident suffered a mid-back fracture that left her a paraplegic after falling from a fourth-floor balcony at the Hawaiian condominium unit where they were staying. As a recipient of California Medicaid, she was unable to finance her necessary transport back to the contiguous United States, where she could undergo rehabilitation and rely on her friends and family for support.


After being contacted by Evangelina Arapeles about her daughter’s plight, Charity Air Ambulance stepped in and agreed to finance a flight back to California for Eva so she could begin to receive continued care surrounded by her friends and family. The flight was scheduled to take place Wednesday, Aug. 17, after which Eva would begin to undergo treatment at San Jose, California’s Valley Medical Center, where they specialize in spinal cord injuries.


“I am so sad about the incident and her resulting handicap, but I am so grateful

that she is alive and her rehab is progressing,” said Evangelina Arapeles, of her daughter’s last few weeks. “Eva has a lot of people loving her, and they are anticipating her return to California.”


Charity Air Ambulance was created to provide care to those in need and financial support in situations when traditional insurance is not recognizing the urgency and need. For more about the efforts and life-saving transportation services of Charity Air Ambulance, visit http://www.charityairambulance.com